Specification IFA
The IFA with the barcodes for the pharmaceutical central number on the medication packs is described here


In the pharmaceutical industry in Germany, the Pharmazentralnummer PZN is used to identify medicines. This is assigned by the IFA, but there are other identifiers that enable UDI-compliant identification. While the PZN is encoded as Code-39, it is recommended to use Datamatrix for UDI compliant labeling.


When evaluating according to IFA, all results are also displayed with barcode information and evaluated identifier. The product identifier (the PPN or HPC at IFA), the time stamp of the scan, the scanner ID as device identifier and the barcode type are displayed there. The overall result of the evaluation and the barcode content are below.

Even with the IFA, there is only a small number of identifiers that ultimately allow UDI-compliant identification. The most important identifiers are the product ID as PPN or HPC, an expiration date EXP and the lot number LOT.