Impressum and Legal notes
In our impressum you will find all information for the legal aspects of the website and also the contacts for marketing and the development of our apps


Our apps for evaluating barcodes are used exclusively to check data content for compliance with specifications. We do not guarantee the function, freedom from errors, correct evaluation and completeness of the evaluation according to the respective specification.

Also note that the CodeCheckGS is not able to detect and display all possible errors in the data. Scanning of barcodes is part of the respective operating system and we only evaluate the transferred data. Therefore we cannot guarantee a perfect function under all operating system versions as well as different hardware models. Since scanning is made by a camera, the reading result and the evaluation rate depend very much on the lighting conditions, the focus of the camera, the angle of inclination and sometimes also the rotation of the device.


It is also important that CodeCheckGS will only check data content. Optical readability and barcode print quality are not checked. If you need an industry-recognized verification of your barcodes including data content, print tolerances and contrast values, contact the GS1 or eHIBCC directly. At this point it should be noted that CodeCheckGS has nothing to do with EAN or GS1, ANSI, IFA or the eHIBCC organization and is neither sponsored nor otherwise supported by them.

Using the App

The author cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect damage - in particular damage to other software, damage to hardware, damage due to loss of use and damage due to the software not being able to function properly. The user alone is liable for the consequences of using this software. This software was developed with the greatest care, but errors can never be ruled out.