Image Decoding
In addition to scanning by camera, there is also the option of sending images with barcodes to CodeCheckGS for validation

Image Selection

When decoding images, an attempt is made to recognize barcodes in the image and to evaluate them using image decoding. This only works with a selected image and the option is only available then.


Start Decoding

If the image was selected for image decoding in CodeCheckGS, the image is displayed and can be sent to the CoceCheckGS to recognize the contained barcodes.


Barcode Decoding

With Start decoding the image is transferred to CodeCheckGS and the decoding can be started there. The new version of barcode recognition is used.
Several barcodes are also recognized in one image and displayed with barcode type and content. Which specification (GS1 & ANSI) should be evaluated can be selected by swiping to the left. When evaluating according to GS1, an FNC1 character is inserted even if it is not present in the original barcode.