For the GS1 and ANSI specifications we have a library with details on data identifiers with all characteristics visible


CodeCheckGS maintains libraries for all data identifiers of the two specifications with extended information.

  • GS1 specification
  • ANSI MH10.8.2 specification

GS1 Library

All current identifiers of the GS1 specification are available in the library. The version status and the number of identifiers are at the top and it is possible to search for words in the identifier info (e.g. "GLN" shows all identifiers that have to do with the Global Location Number GLN).


In the identifier details you will find the information, features and designations including the structure graphic. From the structure graphic you can see how many characters are allowed and whether the content is purely numerical. If the identifier contains an indicator character or a check digit, this is also visible in the structure diagram.


ANSI Library

The use of the ANSI library corresponds to the GS1 but with significantly more identifiers and a different grouping. In ANSI, there are groups from A-Z, with some reserved (A, G, O, X, Y). Therefore, there is a shortcode by letter below.


Instead of a structure graphic, we show all specifications that are referred to in the identifier.


Identifier Characteristics

library-03 library-04

Shows fixed or variable length of the identifier

library-05 library-06

Indicates whether an FNC separator is required

library-07 library-08

Indicates whether the identifier only allows numbers or letters


If a check digit is required for the identifier, this symbol is active


Active for all identifiers related to countries


It is active for all identifiers that represent a date


Active for identifiers that have been discontinued or are not recommended