Stefan Arnhold
Stefan Arnhold
Label ID CEO

My Motivation

If you have been working in the field of product marking for more than 30 years, correct content of barcodes is daily business. Thanks to the possibilities of smartphones, I have the app "Barcode Check" for Apple and Android online for 8 years now.
CodeCheckGS takes the application to a new level and I have to admit that I'm proud of this new app and I hope that it will be a non-missing tool in day-to-day business.
+ Scanning

With two different scan engines, CodeCheckGS offers a very high recognition rate for barcodes of all kinds

+ Validation

The decoding and evaluation according to the specification is available directly and formatted as a list or report

+ Libraries

For the GS1 and ANSI specifications we have a library of identifiers with search function and detailed information

+ Archive

All previous barcode scans are permanent available in the archive with the possibility to generate and share the reports

+ Manual

An integrated manual provides detailed information how to work with CodeCheckGS


Our APP CodeCheckGS offers high performance at a low price that you won't want miss after a short time

Simple usage
Easy to use: scan the barcode, get validation result and share report.
Save money
Direct and fast data validation at your fingertip instead of paid reports
Get tracebility
You can use the scan archive to prove correct labeling at any time

Not sure how it works?

CodeCheckGS comes with a free trial subscription for one month
you can test everything in detail

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The trial subscription is available to all new customers
and can be canceled daily

Our Team

It is not all about coding, there is also our team helping me with the development over the last 2 years

  • Stefan



  • Ingrid



  • Jeana



  • Dennis



  • Flo



  • Jenny



  • Shino



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