Specification ANSI
The ANSI specification MH10.8.2 is used for a wide range of applications and our decoding is described here


When we talk about ANSI, we always mean ANSI MH10.8.2. This specification is a library of identifiers that covers a very wide spectrum. The automotive industry uses ANSI identifiers in Code-39 barcodes. In the ANSI specification, the areas are divided into letters A-Z and have variants there.


ANSI MH10.8.2 is a special case when evaluating barcodes. There are well over 350 identifiers that cover a very wide range of applications. In many cases, specifications agreed between partners form the basis for the evaluation. Therefore, these barcodes are only decoded but not checked for correct data content.

In the example below, area T is intended for product traceability. The variant 1T then stands for the unique identifier of the supplier. The area D stands for general dates and without a variant this is a general date in the format YYMMDD. For comparison, 14D represents an expiration date in the format YYYYMMDD.